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Selbsterstellte Concept Arts - mit Artificial Intelligence

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Folgender Prompt:


The furry creatures grow to around one meter tall and have an oversized head for this body size. They have large round ears and a pointed snout with a black tip. Beavers have a strongly thickened abdomen and a broad, strong tail. Their fur is reddish brown. Their arms make a weak impression. Their hands are delicate. Characteristic is the large gnawing tooth that appears when they grin. The eyes resemble brown dachshund eyes. The animal is to be depicted in a Mars-like environment without water and with sparse vegetation. A faint, dying red sun in the sky.

Das kommt raus und werden sollte es ein Ilt aus Perry Rhodan ^^


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Jetzt wird es gruselig


The dainty, one meter tall creatures thrive against a Mars-like backdrop. Their enchanting presence is characterized by their strikingly large, round and tasseled ears, reminiscent of satellite dishes that capture the soft whisper of the universe. A single nail tooth protrudes from the upper jaw of its pointed snout. In their dry sanctuary, where hardly any vegetation sprouts, these maroon creatures graze peacefully. A faint, fading red sun bathes the scene in an eerie light, revealing their endearing mix of beaver-like bodies and rodent charm. The atmosphere is pure and untouched, without any technological interference, allowing these creatures to revel in the simplicity of their unique habitat.



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