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  1. vor 13 Stunden schrieb Adsartha:

    Wir haben nun einen möglichen neuen Ort gefunden. Es handelt sich dabei um eine wunderschöne Burg, schöne Zimmer mit eigenen Bädern, ausreichend Platz für Spielrunden, ... .

    Ich für meinen Teil fände es interessant, einen Blick auf die Burg zu werfen. Hat sie wohl eine Internetseite, deren link Du bitte nennen magst?

  2. Meeresdruide, sie sagt bedaure, das wird nichts werden, sie habe keinen Platz mehr im Auto
    (na, und mal ganz davon abgesehen, daß sie nichts davon gesagt hat, daß sich geändert hätte, daß wir zu der Zeit schon längst vor Ort zu sein gedenken). 

  3. Darf ich hier was schreiben?

    Ich finde, daß es jetzt schwierig ist, an Hand der Titel zwischen gelesenen und (nicht ganz oder) ungelesenen Strängen zu unterscheiden, denn der Unterschied zwischen ziemlich-fett-gedruckt und fett-gedruckt fällt bei weitem nicht so sehr auf wie es bei dem zwischen normal-gedruckt und fett-gedruckt der Fall war. 
    Muß das so bleiben?

  4. vor 4 Stunden schrieb Karim:

    Vielleicht können wir Korres mal zu einem Einsatz überreden, wenn ich mal eine von Taras Töchtern als Grad 1 Charakter spielen kann.

    So ein schönes kurzes Einstiegsabenteuer.

    Nochmal danke Dir. Aber ein weiteres Problem besteht darin, daß ich nicht gerne online spiele. 

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  5. Mein portables Telefon ist kaputtgegangen. Zunächst dachte ich, es läge am Akku, was nicht der Fall war. 

    Ich habe jetzt insofern zwei Akkus zu verschenken. 3.7 V, 1350 mAh/4.9 Wh,
    für SON Xperia XB / EP500 (geht aber bestimmt auch für andere)

    Hat jemand Interesse? Dann kann ich sie gerne auf einer Convention übergeben.

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  6. Sa 29.02.20  Perry Rhodan: Die Rückkehr des Professor Dr. Cleofus  (WestCon)


    gamesmaster André

    Khorris, Ynes Devallier, Dr. Elaine Clark, Teslym, Antalan


    The others had been asked by Cleofus, the enthusiastic mattenwilli, to join them on a mission - there had been given permission to observe the anya in their natural habitat. Cleofus would have with him his assistant Sensiris da Klaes, aconide or akone, Srrris, topsider, I did not quite get what her job was.


    Teslym took everyone to Peridon Jüüldam, Teslym had booked the holodeck for two weeks but Antalan bribed the clerk to ask whether he could have four hours. So they went to eat at the Big Bubble where they found bubbles containing Jüülzish, Neu-Tefroder, Mehandor, respectively took an interest in them.


    After eating, they went for Antalan to demonstrate golfing to Teslym and Elaine, Teslym pulled a muscle.


    Since I said that Khorris would not travel in Teslym´s ship as she had come to believe that his superpower was kind of suggestion (what with jul always rolling dice when Teslym wanted something that Khorris had already refused to do) and he had refused to swear to her that he would not again press her when she had already said no,

    Khorris had been hired by the anya to come along and observe, she reckoned that the anya saw her as impartial and as always being interested in them, she was to come along on their ship. But, first, she wanted to study mattenwillis. The anya had copied the sick-bay of the Lovely Lucifer, told Khorris that Slüram had agreed to that in exchange to some passages through the portal.


    As she had too little time, Khorris went to the station´s sick-bay to have a hypnoschulung be properly done. When she made to leave, Teslym came a-limping. So she said hello, Teslym, good luck, and made to pass him by. He looked as if he expected her to treat him, so she told him that she was currently not working here. He talked some, so she suggested, if he were in pain, to stop babbling and proceed to see a doctor. He talked on, so she asked where the hurt was and jabbed him in the proper place.


    So to the planet in the Becks System that some anya lived on these days, it was kind of hot and dry like Mercury but they did not live on the surface. The others, in Teslym´s ship, had already noticed that there were three Mehandor-ships following. When they now arrived in the system and phoned Slüram, he said that he was busy right now and they got that other ships had attacked the anya-planet and systems on the planet were just destroying the attackers. Khorris had been told by the anya that there was an attack underway and asked her whether she wanted to come along. I like her being with the anya.


    Teslym´s ship was not allowed to land, they were transferred to the anya ship. Slüram said that, upon the ship, they found themselves in Lovely Lucifer. I asked him to allow me to add that they saw Khorris taking apart a mattenwilli on her operation table (theoretical knowledge is one thing but she would need some simulations). Cleofus panicked and tried to drill himself into the floor, awfully shrill sound as the floor held. Some ears to doctor.


    The others informed the anya that this place of healing was stressful for all of them, they phrased their suggestion not too cleverly and so the anya came up with a place that was comfortable to them, allowing us to exit the ship and see where and how they lived. A forest, a park, several meter tall fungi, buildings for the anskend and yaargs, respectively, when outside, they always went about in twos or more but with numbers always equal for the two races. The ship stood on what looked to be a metal platform.


    André had asked about dresses, everyone said serun-suit, so only Khorris was in her pajama and Cleofus without anything. Elaine wondered about the moss at the edge of the platform, so she removed a glove and dug some into the earth. Something bit her, she sucked on the finger - and toppled over. Khorris found that she had suffered an anaphylactic shock and barely got her to stay alive. The anya showed to Khorris a hologram of a centipede and wondered that Elaine, a biologist, had removed her protective clothing. Khorris questioned them some regarding their knowledge of human physiology - there was none. I had assumed that they, with having been about so much as they had up to this time, would not take humans to somewhere they needed to be cautious. Khorris asked and was told that yaags youngsters were sometimes bitten by the centipedes but it was not harmful to them.

    Antalan meanwhile got a kind of giant dragonfly on his behelmeted head that tried to take a bite of it.


    So Khorris told everyone on the intercom to close up their suits, there were unspecified dangers. They did as they were told.


    Cannot remember how he thought of it but Antalan tried to get telepathical with the anya. Andre let Stefan roll again and again until it worked. Antalan then said hello, was greeted with a tsunami of hellos and started broadcasting how marvellous golf was. Elaine and Teslym either also rolled for a connection or Antalan got them, cannot remember, but they got it good with golf and were now hooked.


    Cannot exactly remember but Khorris ordered everyone in for a check-up, sending medo-robots to ask politely and, if necessary, just fetch them. She then let everyone go again and told them, that, if difficulties arose, she would let the medo-robots fetch her patients. Antalan told about the telepathy and said that he wanted to try again, Khorris told him to take a robot along.


    So Khorris got readings from the suits that told her that Antalan seemed deeply in meditation, Teslym and Elaine seemed about to die from high fever, blood pressure and everything. She had them taken inside. She tried to stabilize Teslym and Elaine and conferred with the anya who told her that Antalan was linked, the other two were shut down, albeit highly active. They said that any try to break the connection or get them out of it would be highly dangerous, they opinioned that the state would wear off in a couple minutes.


    And so it was. Teslym asked, seeming cross, why he was here. Khorris told him that he had been about to die. André listed what his suit told Teslym, Teslym said thank you to Khorris.


    There was some about Mehandor-ships that Ynes thought were rat-ships.


    Come evening, Cleofus had climbed up a building of the anya. Antalan had received an invitation to join the collective and Stefan thoght that he would but reconsidered when André told him that Antalan would then be anya and thus nsc. Slüram later on told that he had received a similar invitation but had not wanted to stop being Slüram.


    The anya did not tell Khorris whether their telepathy had to be learned, how far it reached and such but they told Antalan that only the creators could force the collective.


    Elaine did not want to sleep in the ship, so she asked a yaarg and was taken into the building, down down and finally shown a hollow filled with what looked like leaves but felt like cloth, most comfortable. In the morning, when she rose, she pulled a few leaves outside and they crawled back.


    Elaine went to the bathroom and did not know how to handle it. I suggested she ask someone but she surely did not want to. So she pressed a button. Hairspray. Another one. A fog. She started to curse a blue streak, in haluter as there was good swearing in that language and no-one would understand what with being so very few haluter around.


    Some yaargs came and told Elaine to leave. Now. She said sorry, she did not know how to operate the bathroom. They said to leave. Now. She said sorry. Leave. Now. Last warning. She talked on and was zapped. The whole group was told to leave. Cleofus did not come as he had agreed to join the collective (André had shown to me that the anya had rolled 20, Cleofus 18), he was now anya.


    Khorris was not with the group and so asked whether the anya wanted her to stay or leave and was told that there was no reason to leave. She was told that, if there had not been so much contact already, they would have reacted otherwise upon hearing haluter. So Khorris stayed on, also asking to talk to Cleofus, sure, he was anya as the one she was talking to, but they had - to her knowledge - hitherto never had such a body. So she talked, I think there were questions as she had been hired to observe, then she was taken back to the station.


    As Cleofus´ assistants were distraught, jul saw the necessity to say that Teslym would comfort the assistant and announced that he had rolled 36 for seduction. André asked which assistant, he said the pretty one, so I suggested the green one. He said of course the other, so I opinioned that Teslym had no taste.

    He said that Teslym would also ask Sensiris to be his assistant. Elaine opinioned that offering a job while screwing was mighty strange.


    The thing with haluter is that the Meister der Insel, humans themselves, had had the lemurer make the anya to be the guardians of the portal through which they intended to flee as the haluter, also an artificial race, had been created to destroy the whole of lemurerkind and did a good job of it.

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